Where to shop the best and premium adult diapers in India?

Where to shop the best and premium adult diapers in India?

Everything you buy from a market comes in varieties like in the form of – budget and premium. Things that are purchased under a budget can be satisfying sometimes, but they cannot be as good as the premium ones.

One can compromise with the quality of clothes he/she wears, but cannot compromise with the quality of adult diapers because of their necessity. Before buying them online or offline, you must ensure the quality of adult diapers as they are going to be one of your best companions.

You can easily trust one of the highly-reputed adult diaper brandsDignity for their unmatched premium quality.

There are so many factors why doctors recommend adult diapers from this brand. Here you need to know all about Dignity Adult Diapers:

Dual-Core Padding

Its super absorbent core design is made of two layers – high absorbency pads, which absorbs wetness quickly and keeps you dry and clean for a long time. These adult diapers come with PE Film, which is great to give you cloth-like feel.

Made from 100% anti-allergic anti-bacterial material

Hypoallergenic material is used to keep these adult diapers cent per cent anti-allergic and anti-bacterial so that your skin stays free from infections. Before reaching to you, each of its diapers is passed through multiple quality tests to get perfect shape and usability.

Equipped with leak guard

The Dignity adult diapers are made with leak guards on both of its sides to ensure zero leakage and full confidence.

Wetness indicator

Like other premium adult diapers in the International market, these are also offered with wetness indicator technology.

Comes in M, L, XL size

Following the Indian size standards, the brand offers all of its diapers in three size varieties; Medium (waist size 28-45 inches), Large (waist size 38-54 inches) and Extra Large (waist size 48-57 inches). Its refastenable tapes give you quick fitting experience and comfort fit at the same time. Plus, they are available in three varieties; Premium for 8-12 hours, Magna for 10-12 hours, and Overnight adult diapers for 12-16 hours of protection.

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