Why should we switch to the baby wipes from normal cotton cloth?

Why should we switch to the baby wipes from normal cotton cloth?

Parenting is one of the toughest jobs to do in the world. It requires extreme care and deep love. From paying attention to nutrition to the cleanliness, everything plays an important role in raising a healthy child.

Whether you are having your first baby or becoming a mother of third, you cannot see yourself as a perfect parent as you always keep learning and experiencing something new every day.

A mother finds it more difficult to care for her child in their first year in comparison to raising them after 1-2 years. This is the time when your little one’s skin is soft and allergic to many things. You need to keep your baby’s skin clean all the time.

The baby’s skin can be cleaned up with the help of spongee wipes or a cotton cloth. It was the old-time when mothers used to clean their baby’s skin with a cotton cloth. Switching to the modern baby wipes from a normal cotton cloth is wise as they act more hygienic and soft to a baby’s skin.

If still, you are using normal cotton cloth, here are the reasons you should start using the modern baby wipes:

Highly safe for sensitive skin types

Using the same cotton cloth repeatedly can be harmful for your baby’s skin. If you are using it regularly even after washing, it cannot get rid of harmful germs and bacteria. As we know that babies have sensitive skin, the baby wipes act best while cleaning their skin for minimal contact with bacteria and allergens.


Not all the cotton clothes ensure that they are crafted in a hygienic environment. But, brands like Dignity offers completely germ-free baby wipes for your baby’s sensitive skin. They come with the essence of aloe Vera that keeps the sensitive skin safe and germ free.

Offers better smoothness than cotton clothes

The cotton cloth loses its softness after washing it 2-3 times. The spongee baby wipes act smoother than the normal cotton cloth. Thus, your baby’s skin stays moisturised and soft all the time. The Dignity Spongee baby cleansing wipes come with enriched vitamin E, which keeps your baby’s skin soft and nourished.

Maintains pH level of baby’s skin

Most of the baby cleansing wipes come with the protection of maintaining pH level in the baby’s skin. Whereas, the cotton cloth doesn’t provide such protection. As the baby wipes carry anti-allergic properties, they can maintain pH level better for your baby’s skin.

So, modern mothers must use baby wipes for cleaning baby’s intimate areas, mouth, and hands.

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